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Do Hey Dudes Run Big Or Small? – Let’s Find Out!

Do hey dudes run big or small

Are Hey Dudes Run True To Size?

Hey Dudes Shoes is a very popular shoe brand and it is mainly known for their comfort, light weight and design. When you go to purchase these shoes, the first thing that will come up in your mind is – Do these shoes run true to size? 

Well, I think, the fit of the shoes depends upon various factors and it may vary from specific model to model and design. I have Hey Dude Wally Sox men shoes in 8.0 size and it fits me perfectly fine. It feels very comfortable because of only getting the perfect sizing. I suggest you get your feet on this pair as if you are looking for comfort and design.

I am sure that you will not be disappointed!

In this post, I will help you to get a perfect pair for yourself. So Let’s Go!


Before addressing the specific sizing of Hey Dude Shoes, it’s essential to understand the general principles of footwear sizing. Shoe sizing conventions vary across regions and manufacturers, often based on standard length measurements. However, factors such as design, material, and intended use can influence how a shoe fits.

So, when it comes to shoe sizing, it’s a bit like cracking a code. Different brands and styles can vary in how they fit. But here are some key things to keep in mind:

  1. Length Matters: Your shoe size is usually based on the length of your foot, but remember, sizes can differ between brands.
  2. Width Counts: Don’t forget about width! Some shoes come in different widths to accommodate different foot shapes.
  3. Style Matters: The design and materials of the shoe can affect how it fits. Something with a narrow toe might feel different from something with a wider one.
  4. Activity Matters: Whether you’re hitting the gym or strolling around town, different shoes may fit differently based on their intended use.
  5. Trust Your Feelings: Ultimately, it’s about how the shoe feels on your foot. Don’t be afraid to try different sizes and styles to find what works best for you.

Do Hey Dudes Run Big Or Small


Understanding Hey Dudes Sizing Philosophy

Explanation of Hey Dudes sizing system

  • Hey Dudes utilize a simplified sizing system, often described as “whole sizes only” with no half sizes.
  • The sizing typically ranges from 5 to 13 for men and 6 to 11 for women. B. Comparison with standard shoe sizing
  • Contrasting Hey Dudes sizing with traditional shoe sizing methods to help consumers understand the differences. C. Factors affecting the fit of Hey Dudes
  • Exploring factors such as foot width, arch height, and personal preferences that can impact the fit of Hey Dudes shoes.

Do These Run True To Size, Hey Dude?

It depends upon many factors like style, design, model and it also varies from person to person. But to be honest, as of my experience, they usually do not run true to size and are a little bit larger. I recommend you to carefully do your research and read reviews and guides before getting a pair for yourself.

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Comparison with Standard Shoe Sizing

Hey Dude shoe sizing often follows a more casual and relaxed sizing system compared to standard shoe sizing. While standard shoe sizing typically uses numerical measurements (like US sizes or European sizes), “Hey Dude” shoes often use more general size ranges like Small, Medium, Large, etc., or even specific size ranges like 7-8, 9-10, etc.


1. Material Composition

Hey Dudes Shoes are crafted using a variety of materials, ranging from canvas to leather. The material composition plays a crucial role in determining the fit of the shoes. For instance, canvas shoes may stretch slightly over time, offering a more relaxed fit, while leather shoes tend to maintain their shape, providing a snugger feel.

2. Design Characteristics

The design elements of Hey Dudes Shoes contribute significantly to their sizing dynamics. Features such as elastic laces, stretchable uppers, and memory foam insoles enhance the adaptability of the shoes to different foot profiles. Consequently, individuals may find variations in fit based on the specific model they choose.

3. Customer Feedback

Hey Dudes Shoes prioritize customer feedback in refining their sizing standards. By actively soliciting input from wearers, they continually assess and adjust their sizing charts to align with the evolving needs and preferences of their clientele. This iterative process ensures that Hey Dudes Shoes remain synonymous with comfort and satisfaction.

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Hey Dudes Size Chart



Hey Dudes Size Chart




Navigating the Hey Dudes sizing chart can be akin to solving a puzzle, but fear not, for we are here to guide you through it. Here’s a breakdown of key considerations to help you determine the most suitable size:

1. Foot Measurement

Begin by measuring the length of your foot from heel to toe using a ruler or measuring tape. Ensure that you’re standing and bearing weight on your foot for accurate results.

2. Reference the Sizing Chart

Consult the Hey Dudes sizing chart given below or on their official website or retail outlets. Match your foot measurement with the corresponding size indicated on the chart. Pay attention to any specific instructions or notes provided by Hey Dudes regarding sizing recommendations for each shoe model.

3. Consider Half Sizes

Hey Dudes offers a range of half sizes to accommodate variations in foot dimensions. If you fall between two sizes, opt for the half size that provides a snug yet comfortable fit. Remember, it’s better to err on the side of slightly larger shoes than uncomfortably tight ones.

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4. Try Before You Buy

When possible, try on Hey Dudes Shoes in-store to assess the fit firsthand. Walk around, wiggle your toes, and gauge the overall comfort level. If purchasing online, check the retailer’s return policy to facilitate exchanges or returns in case the shoes don’t fit as expected.

Do Hey Dudes Run Big Or Small

Should I Get My Regular Size Of Hey Dudes Shoes?

If you are a male you may get a regular or normal size. But for Females and Kids, I will recommend you to note down the size for better fit. Look for the sizing charts or other guides in this regard. 

Hey Dudes Shoes For Wide Feet? 

Absolutely Yes, if you have wide feet, you can still consider these shoes for specific designs and models. Look for wide fit designs in order to get a comfortable pair.

Hey Dudes Shoes For Women Run True To Size? 

By the company, Hey Dude Shoes for women run a  little bit larger to get a better fit and maximum comfort level. This will make them more reliable for all day wear. But still, I recommend you to check and ensure proper size. 

What are Hey Dudes Shoes? 

Hey Dudes is a shoe brand that was founded in the beginning of 1990s. It is situated in Australia. It is famous for producing lightweight, stylish and comfortable footwear for individuals. Hey Dudes Shoes uses US sizing standards. 

Are Hey Dude Stretchable?

These shoes are made with high quality materials which involve some stretchable materials to provide comfort in certain areas and increase comfort levels of overall wear. So yes, These hey dudes shoes are stretchable to provide a wearer a good and comfortable experience.


If we talk about my personal experience, the fit and sizing of Hey Dudes or any other shoes varies from model to model and depends upon different designs and styles. 

These shoes are overall comfortable in my opinion. The material and design of each model decides its fit and sizing. Still, from my observations, I think these shoes run a little big, so I highly recommend you to carefully do your research before buying a pair for yourself. It’s recommended to get a little bit larger pair for comfortable and reliable fit. Look into the size chart and compare them.

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If you get the right size, believe me these shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes right now in the market. But at the end the choice is yours. So, make sure to consider every aspect before spending your money on these shoes. 


Credit Image: Wearenthusiast


I hope I’ve explained to you with an easy guide on the sizing of hey dude shoes and answer your queries accurately. Hope you’ve got all of your thoughts clear regarding the size of these shoes. 

If you have other queries about hey dudes or any other shoes, just let me know in the comment section given below this blog post. 

Also if you want to explore more guides like this, I would highly recommend you to visit the other pages and post (reps in shoes) on my website Whatbehind.com!


Are Hey Dudes True to Size?

Yes, Hey Dudes generally fit true to size for most wearers. However, individual preferences and foot characteristics may influence sizing decisions, so it’s essential to refer to the brand’s sizing chart and consider any specific recommendations.

Do Hey Dudes Stretch Over Time?

Hey Dudes are known for their comfortable, stretchy fit, thanks to their lightweight and flexible construction. While they may slightly stretch with prolonged wear, the extent of stretching varies based on factors such as material and usage patterns.

How Do Hey Dudes Compare to Other Brands in Terms of Sizing?

Hey Dudes sizing is often comparable to other casual footwear brands, but it’s essential to note any unique features or sizing nuances specific to Hey Dudes. Comparing measurements and seeking guidance from user reviews can help determine the best size for you.

Can I Exchange Hey Dudes If They Don’t Fit?

Most retailers offer exchange or return policies to ensure customer satisfaction. If your Hey Dudes don’t fit as expected, reach out to the seller or refer to their policies regarding sizing issues to explore available options for exchange or refund.

Should I Size Up or Down for Hey Dudes?

Determining whether to size up or down for Hey Dudes depends on individual preferences and foot characteristics. Consider factors such as width, arch support, and intended usage to make an informed decision about sizing adjustments.

How Can I Ensure the Best Fit When Purchasing Hey Dudes Online?

When buying Hey Dudes online, refer to the brand’s sizing chart, measure your feet accurately, and read user reviews for insights into sizing and fit. Additionally, prioritize retailers offering flexible return or exchange policies to accommodate any sizing concerns.


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