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Fake Hey Dudes: Stay Safe from Scams!

Fake hey dudes

Fake Hey Dudes: If you want to spot the fake hey dude, you must check the stitching by stretching and also glue placement for mismatches and also verify the label and branding or insoles. Hey dude is a popular pair of shoes that many people love.

As these shoes are very popular among fans, the copy of these shoes or fake hey dudes shoes have become more common. The main issue with fake Hey dudes is that they are not as good and do not provide the same comfort and strength as real ones. For this reason, it is important to know how to spot fake dudes.

A small defined strategy will make it easier for you to spot fake hey dudes in the market or by hand. It ensures that the shoes you are buying are genuine and not counterfeited.

Recognizing Hey Dudes Shoes

Hey Dude shoes have gained immense popularity and become sought after for their unique blend of comfort, style and quality. However, this increase in demand has led to a proliferation of counterfeits. It is important for consumers to be vigilant in spotting fake Hey Dudes to avoid falling prey to scams that can have various consequences. In this post I will give you the most effective tips to spot fake hey dudes in a snap.

Let’s see how we can do it!

1. Sole

  • You can differ between fake and real hey dude shoes with the sole. Make sure the sole is firm, light weight and smooth.
  • The soles should be high, for most grip and not slipping.
  • The soles of Hey Dude shoes are usually made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) material, ensuring that they are lightweight.

It is an extremely elastic material that can be processed just like other thermoplastics. 

  1. Logo
  • Look carefully where the logo is placed on the shoe. The hey dude logo is normally placed on the bottom of the shoe or on the side of the shoe.
  • Make sure the logo is clearly printed and not faded or mis-printed and looks like the official Hey Dude logo.
  • Fake Hey Dude shoes often have misprinted or missing logos, so be sure to pay attention to those details.

Make sure you are in good lightning condition in order to check the details clearly. Reflect the light on the logo to get more detailed info.

3. Lacing

  • I think the most unique feature of hey dudes is elastic lacing. So check the lacing properly before getting the shoes.
  • Make sure the lacing system is made of high quality and strong stretch durable elastic that ensures a snug fit.
  • It should not be very tight or loose but it should fit the shoe well and feel smooth and premium.

4. Insoles

  • The main secret behind the top notch comfort of hey dudes shoes is their insoles. It is a unique body design that compliments the shape of the user’s feet.
  • Another plus point is that the insoles of hey dudes are detachable or changeable. You can pair them with other high performance insoles to get maximum comfort out of it.
  • The thing here is that you should keep in mind, these insoles should fit the shoes properly and should not be over as thick and over sized as the shoes. You should feel cushioning and comfort  when you wear them.

To distinguish authentic Hey Dude shoes, it’s important to understand their unique characteristics. Make sure the sole of the shoe is firm, soft, feathery and unique. Evaluate the look and quality of the Hey Dude brand, placement and shine of the hey dude logo emphasizing that the shoe lace or design is spacious and comfortable.

The shape of your feet should be perfectly accommodated by the insole of the shoe and fit snugly and offer the option to detach it if needed. Furthermore, it should provide cushioning and effective shock absorption. Moreover, it is crucial to verify that the overall construction of the hey dudes is impeccable, with even stitching and the utilization of top notch materials.

Fake Hey Dude Signs

Fake hey dude signs

Credit Image: REVIEWS.io

Well, The world of shoes has witnessed a remarkable surge in the popularity of hey dude shoes over the past few years. It’s incredible how their fame keeps on soaring! However, with great popularity comes a downside: the market is flooded with counterfeit hey dude shoes. Identifying these fake shoes can be quite a challenge, but fear not! There are a handful of telltale signs that can help you distinguish between the genuine hey dudes and their imitations.

1. Cheap Material

Spotting counterfeit hey dudes can be easily done by assessing the materials used in their production. Authentic hey dudes are crafted from premium materials like organic cotton, premium cloth, and memory foam ensures a luxurious and long lasting experience. On the other side fake hey dudes are constructed with low quality cheap materials like synthetic fabric and cheap foam that makes them uncomfortable and non-reliable choice. 

  • The shoes feel weightier and less breathable compared to the authentic ones
  • Be observant of the materials and construction to identify any possible warning signs.
  • The shoes are bulkier and less breathable than the genuine ones.

3. Wrong Logo or Branding

In my opinion one more sign of a fake hey dude is the wrong logo. If the logo on the bottom is not in the middle or the one on the side is not the perfect size or shape, the shoes are counterfeited and fake.

Authentic hey dudes have a precise logo on the bottom and side of the shoe, that is printed in a unique style. Furthermore, counterfeited hey dudes normally have noticeable glue marks where the logo has been printed because of the result of the low and cheap quality manufacturing.

  • Ensure placement and size of the logo to confirm that they match the authentic shoes.
  • Search for any notable glue marks where the logo is printed.

4. Cheap Stitching 

Original hey dudes have a precise and clean stretching. And this stretching gives a refined and smooth finish to the shoes that adds a sleek appearance to the shoes. It provides the user maximum comfort levels and the freedom to move freely and do excessive movements. But in fake hey dudes, the uneven and cheap stitching destroyed the appearance and comfort of the shoes. 

Furthermore, fake ones also leave glue marks left on the shoes that tends to the low quality construction and craftsmanship.

  • Inspect the stitching properly and carefully.
  • If you spot any glue marks left on the shoe, most probably the shoes are fake.
  • Look for uneven and low quality stitching that will help you to inspect the shoe.

Fake Hey Dude Review

Real Vs Fake Hey Dudes Shoes Comparison 

High Quality Material Cheap Material
Fine & Smooth Stitching Uneven Stitching
Light Weight  Heavy Weight
Insole Match The Shoe Shape Unmatched Shoe Shape
Comfortable Fit  Uncomfortable Fit
Precise Logo  Displaced Logo
Smooth & Refined Appearance Cheap & Rugged
Elastic Lacing  Normal Cheap Lacing

Searching Hey Dudes and Seller 

When looking for Hey Dude shoes, it’s important to keep an eye out for fakes. Don’t be fooled by imitation! One of the foolproof ways to spot fake hey guys is to thoroughly examine the seller and the shoes before you buy. Remember knowledge is power when it comes to snagging real deals!

1. Customer Reviews

I suggest you take a quick tour of the online customer reviews section. Why? Well, these reviews can give you valuable insights into what others have experienced with the product you’re looking for. But here is the secret sauce: pay close attention to the reviews that talk about the authenticity of the shoes. If you stumble upon multiple reviews that claim the shoes are fake, it’s a pretty strong indicator that they might just be. So, take a moment to dive into those reviews and make an informed decision before hitting that “buy” button. 

  • Check out reviews that discuss the legitimacy of the shoes to ensure they are genuine.
  • If you come across several reviews claiming the shoes are not authentic, it could be a sign that they are counterfeit.
  • Make sure to thoroughly read the reviews to gauge the overall quality of the shoes.

2. Seller Website

Before you finalize your purchase, it is crucial to look into the seller website and gather some valuable information. However, I always recommend you to buy from the brand’s official website. But anyways, Take a moment to explore details about the company, including their location and the duration of their existence in the business world. Equally important is to scrutinize their return policy, as counterfeit sellers often lack a transparent or authentic return policy. By conducting this research, you’ll ensure a safe and satisfactory shopping experience.

  • Explore the seller’s website thoroughly to ensure a safe purchase.
  • Check for details about the company and their return policy.
  • Be wary of sellers with incomplete information or ambiguous policies.

3. Prices

Spotting a counterfeit hey dude is not as difficult as it may seem. One clear giveaway is an unbelievably low price. To ensure you’re not being scammed, take the time to research the average price of the particular style you desire and compare it to what the seller is offering. If their price is significantly lower than the average, it’s highly likely that you’re dealing with a fake. Stay vigilant and don’t fall for too-good-to-be-true deals!

  • Compare the seller’s price to the normal price of the shoes.
  • Encounter prices that are significantly lower than the average.

4. Return Policy

It’s always wise to double-check the return policy of the seller before making a purchase. Genuine sellers usually have a transparent and reasonable return policy in place. However, if the seller’s return policy is unclear or unusual, it’s best to be cautious as it could be a sign of a fraudulent seller and the product may not be genuine.

Increase your chances of buying genuine hey dudes by implementing these valuable tips and conducting thorough research. By doing so, you’ll effectively minimize the risk of falling victim to counterfeit products and instead make a wise investment in a high-quality and authentic pair.

Frequently Asked Questions On Fake Hey Dudes

Are There Any Fake Hey Dudes In The Market?

Yes, Unfortunately there are many fake hey dudes shoes available in the market right now due to the popularity of these shoes among shoe lovers. But by carefully reading this post you will be able to identify fake hey dudes and choose the authentic ones among them.

The Difference Between Authentic And Fake Hey Dudes?

The real hey dudes provide a comfortable and premium feel and they are long lasting with amazing design and finishing. But on the other side, fake “hey dudes” are not only less comfortable but also their cheap quality material and uneven stitching destroy their appearance. The quality of these fake ones is very cheap and low compared to the real hey dudes. 

Should I Buy Hey Dudes Online?

Well, it is true that buying these shoes online no doubt is risky but not too much to be afraid of. It is important to be aware of fake websites and scammers online. I recommend you to buy them from the official brands website or if you choose a seller then read reviews and return policy first carefully. But if you are still confused and afraid, the better option is to visit an offline store to get your desired product physically. 

Why Are Fake Hey Dudes A Problem?

Fake hey dudes are a problem because of their low quality and cheap materials and uncomfortable fit. These are not durable in the long term and will become a source of discomfort day by day. 

How to Know My Hey Dudes Are Fake or not?

By following my given tips in this post you can identify whether you hey dudes are real or fake. By checking logo placement, lacing, sole, and material you will be able to determine the authenticity of your hey dude shoes.

What If I have Already Purchased Fake Hey Dudes?

Well, To be honest, Unfortunately there is nothing you can do if you have already purchased the fake hey dudes shoes. It is important to do some research before purchasing these shoes. 

How Can I Avoid Purchasing Fake Hey Dudes?

By following the strategy I have told you in this post you can avoid purchasing fake hey dudes! It is my suggestion to research before buying.

Credit Image: Hip2Save


The prevalence of counterfeit products in the market is a growing concern, and even footwear brands like hey dude are not immune to this problem. With the rise of online shopping, it’s crucial to be able to distinguish between genuine and fake hey dude shoes. Not only are fake shoes of inferior quality, but they can also cause discomfort and damage to your feet.

Paying attention to detail is important to avoid falling into the shoes of a fake hey dude. Looking for the material, branding, and design of the shoe can help determine whether a shoe is authentic or not. Authentic Hey Guys shoes are known for quality, durability and support, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Also if you want more guides like this or want to explore more about footwear, I would suggest you to visit other posts or pages of my website Whatbehind.com!

Before buying shoes it is important to check the reviews carefully. You can avoid making counterfeit purchases and will save yourself from wasting your money. Knowing how to recognise fake shoes can also help you get a pair of stylish, stylish shoes that will last for years. So, take your time and research the details before buying.

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