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Where Are Arkget Shoes Made? Complete History

Where are Arkget shoes made

Arkget is a shoe brand known for its rich design and historical concepts. The shoes are made in Istanbul, the great city of Turkey, where the brand was founded in 2015.

Istanbul, a city with a history as enchanting as its skyline, serves as the backdrop for Arkget Shoes’ craftsmanship. The brand is renowned for its diverse cultural influences and centuries-old traditions. Istanbul is a melting pot of civilizations. It has left an indelible mark on the identity of this unique footwear brand.

Arkget Shoes have taken the footwear industry to the totally next level. The brand is specially known for their comfort, historical style, and commitment to ethical manufacturing practices. As the customers become more thoughtful about their purchases, the questions of where and how products are made has gained significance.

In this article, I have tried my best to answer your questions about the manufacturing of Arkget shoes. We will deeply explore and look for each and every point that brings the brand reputation to this level. So, let’s see how Arkget Shoes are made by exploring their manufacturing process, commitment to transparency, and the impact on global trends and local economies.


Arkget Shoes are crafted with precision, utilizing high-quality materials to ensure durability and comfort. From selecting premium leather to employing cutting-edge production techniques, the manufacturing process reflects the brand’s dedication to creating a superior product.


Our journey begins with creativity and innovation. Arkget’s design team stands as a heart of creativity. Talented designers constantly aware to the pulse of the latest global fashion trends. They weave together this contemporary knowledge with traditional Turkish elements.

The team meticulously crafts the vision for Arkget shoes, utilizing cutting-edge computer-aided design (CAD) software to bring the ideas to life. Each design is repeatedly checked until the expected results are found.

Selecting Materials:

Moving on to the material selection, Arkget embark on a journey to choose the finest elements that make their shoes stand out. From supple leathers to high-performance synthetics, each material is chosen with utmost care. The high quality materials may include leather, synthetic fabrics, rubber for soles, and other specialized components.

Cutting Leather:

With materials in hand, Arkget’s team head to the cutting room. As we move on to cutting the leather, precision becomes Arkget’s guiding principle. Their skilled craftsmen utilize cutting dies or computer-controlled machines, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency in the production process.


Stepping into the stamping phase, they add a touch of identity to each pair. Brand logos and distinctive patterns are imprinted onto the leather pieces, bringing a unique character to Arkget shoes.


Now, it’s time to stitch things together. Sewing becomes an art form as skilled artisans of the brand meticulously stitch together various components of the shoe upper. Advanced sewing machines ensure accuracy and durability in every stitch. The real magic is hide behind the years of experience of Arkget’s skilled artisans.


With the upper and sole meeting in the assembly phase, it’s where the shoe truly takes shape. Whether through stitching or adhesive bonding, the team focus is on creating a secure and lasting bond that defines the durability of Arkget footwear.

Quality Checks:

Before moving forward, quality checks take center stage. Every pair undergoes critical observations, with inspectors meticulously examining size, stitching, and overall construction. Any imperfections are addressed, ensuring that each pair meets the elevated standards set by Arkget Shoes.


The finishing touches add the final layer of finesse to their creations. Polishing, buffing, and protective coatings not only the enhance the appearance but also the comfort of Arkget shoes. Now these shoes are almost ready to distribute in the different countries of the world.


Arkget’s team carefully packed each pair to prevent any damage during transportation. Their shoes are ready for the next stage – distribution. Whether they find their place on retail shelves or are shipped directly to doorsteps, each pair carries with it the mark of Arkget’s commitment to quality and style.

And there you have it – the journey of Arkget Shoes, from design conception to distribution. Each step is not just a process; it’s a testament to the brands dedication to crafting footwear that embodies the perfect blend of tradition, innovation, and historical style.


At Arkget, ensuring impeccable quality is not just a phase; it’s a continuous commitment woven into every step of their production line. Brands strict quality control measures guarantee that each pair of Arkget Shoes meets the high standards they set. Let’s explore the key aspects of their quality control process:

Precision Inspections

  • Their first line of defense involves thorough inspections at every critical stage of production. Skilled inspectors meticulously examine the size, stitching, and overall construction of each pair to catch any deviations from their exacting standards.

Material Integrity Checks

  • Before the manufacturing process kicks into high gear. Their materials undergo a series of checks. From the suppleness of leathers to the resilience of synthetics, They ensure that each material meets their quality benchmarks, contributing to the longevity of brands footwear.

Performance Testing

  • Brands go beyond appearances. Their shoes undergo rigorous performance tests to ensure they not only look good but also stand up to the demands of daily wear. From stress testing to durability assessments, they guarantee footwear that goes the distance.

Iterative Feedback Loops

  • Continuous improvement is ingrained in brands ethos. Feedback loops are established to gather insights from the production team and quality control personnel. This iterative process allows them to adapt and enhance their manufacturing methods, ensuring that lessons learned are swiftly implemented.

Final Quality Assurance

  • The last checkpoint before shoes hit the market involves a comprehensive quality assurance process. This final inspection ensures that every pair leaving brands facility adheres to the Arkget promise of excellence in design, craftsmanship, and durability.

Arkget commitment to quality control extends beyond meeting industry standards; it’s about exceeding your expectations. Arkget Shoes are not just a product; they are a testament to their dedication to providing footwear that stands the test of time, both in style and substance.

akget shoes


In a world flooded with footwear options. Arkget Shoes stand out with distinctive features that seamlessly blend historical style, comfort, and innovation. So, let’s explore the unique side that set Arkget apart:

Turkish Artistry Meets Global Trends

  • Arkget prides itself on marrying traditional Turkish elements with contemporary global fashion trends. Their shoes aren’t just accessories; they’re wearable art that tells a story of cultural richness.

Ergonomic Design for Effortless Comfort

  • Striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort, Arkget Shoes are crafted with ergonomic precision. Every pair is designed to provide an effortless and comfortable fit, ensuring a delightful walking experience.

Signature Stamping for Individuality

  • Personalization takes center stage with brands signature stamping feature. Each pair is adorned with unique brand logos and patterns, making every Arkget shoe an individual statement of style.

Innovative Material Selection

  • Arkget’s commitment to quality is reflected in their material choices. From supple leathers to high-performance synthetics, each material is carefully selected for its durability, ensuring that their shoes not only look good but also withstand the test of time.

Versatility in Style

  • Brands Shoes seamlessly transition from casual to formal settings. Whether it’s a boardroom meeting or a weekend getaway. Their footwear effortlessly adapts to diverse occasions. That offers a versatile style solution.

Technology-Infused Comfort

  • Embracing innovation, Arkget integrates cutting-edge technology for enhanced comfort. From cushioned insoles to advanced sole constructions, their shoes prioritize the well-being of your feet without compromising on style.

Affordable Price of Luxury

  • Experience the luxury of Arkget Shoes without breaking the bank. They believe that quality and style should be accessible to all. They are offering an affordable yet luxurious option in the world of footwear.


The geographic location of Arkget’s manufacturing facilities in Istanbul, Turkey, plays a pivotal role in shaping both the quality and pricing of their exceptional footwear. Let’s explore the various aspects influenced by their manufacturing locale:

Craftsmanship in Istanbul

  • Situated in Istanbul, Arkget draws on the rich heritage of Turkish craftsmanship. This centuries-old tradition, specific to Istanbul, spread throughout every step of their manufacturing process. That is contributing to the meticulous artistry of brands shoes.

Skilled Artisans and Local Expertise

  • The proximity to skilled artisans in Istanbul, known for their expertise, enhances the quality of their shoes. Local expertise ensures that each pair is crafted with precision and attention to detail, characteristic of Istanbul’s renowned craftsmanship.

Access to Premium Materials

  • Istanbul’s strategic location provides them with access to premium materials. Whether it’s exquisite leathers sourced locally or cutting-edge synthetics from international suppliers, their proximity to high-quality sources elevates the materials used in Arkget Shoes.

Cost-Effective Production Processes

  • The operational advantages of their Istanbul manufacturing location contribute to cost-effective production processes. This efficiency allows them to maintain a high standard of quality while keeping their pricing competitive in the dynamic market.

Cultural Fusion in Design

  • The diverse cultural influences in Istanbul serve as a wellspring of inspiration for their design team. The synthesis of global trends and local aesthetics results in uniquely styled footwear that reflects the cultural vibrancy of Istanbul and appeals to a broad audience.

Adaptability to Market Trends

  • Being strategically located in Istanbul allows them to stay agile and adapt quickly to evolving market trends. This adaptability ensures that Arkget Shoes remain on the forefront of fashion and consumer preferences, influenced by the dynamic pulse of Istanbul.

Efficient Supply Chain Management

  • Istanbul’s centralized location facilitates an efficient supply chain. From sourcing raw materials to distributing finished products. Their supply chain management benefits from the geographic advantages of their manufacturing base in Istanbul.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

  • Their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices is reinforced by their Istanbul manufacturing location. Proximity to responsible suppliers and sustainable practices ingrained in Istanbul’s culture contribute to their environmentally conscious approach.

Arkget’s manufacturing location in Istanbul isn’t just a geographical detail. It’s a strategic choice deeply embedded in the city’s cultural and historical fabric. From the skilled hands of artisans to the access to premium materials, the synergy of these elements defines the quality and pricing of Arkget Shoes.


Arkget Official Website

Official Arkget Website:

  • Visit their official website to browse their complete collection and place your order securely. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping and have your favorite Arkget shoes delivered to your doorstep.

Retail Partners:

  • Discover Arkget Shoes at authorized retail partners near you. Their carefully selected retail network ensures that you can experience the quality and style of Arkget in person. Check their website for a list of authorized retailers.

Flagship Stores:

  • Immerse yourself in the world of Arkget by visiting their flagship stores. Located in selected cities. Their flagship stores offer a curated experience where you can explore their latest designs and receive personalized assistance from their knowledgeable staff.


In short, Arkget Shoes combines old-fashioned Turkish craftsmanship with modern global trends, all made in Istanbul. This city not only inspires brand designs but also provides skilled artisans and access to quality materials. This influences the great quality and reasonable pricing of Arkget Shoes. Brand focus on making comfortable and stylish footwear, with ethical practices in mind. Being in Istanbul adds a cultural richness to their brand, making each pair more than just shoes – they’re a timeless statement of elegance.

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What sets Arkget Shoes apart from other footwear brands in terms of manufacturing?

Arkget Shoes distinguishes itself through a meticulous manufacturing process that prioritizes quality materials, innovative design, and sustainability, ensuring each pair meets the highest standards.

How does Arkget Shoes maintain the quality of its products during the manufacturing process?

Arkget Shoes maintains quality through rigorous quality control measures, utilizing advanced production machinery, and adhering to a strict selection process for premium materials.

Are Arkget Shoes environmentally friendly in their manufacturing practices?

Yes, Arkget Shoes is committed to environmental responsibility. The brand adopts eco-friendly practices, from sourcing sustainable materials to minimizing its carbon footprint in the production process.

What role do skilled artisans play in the manufacturing of Arkget Shoes?

Skilled artisans contribute significantly to Arkget Shoes’ manufacturing process. They bring traditional crafting techniques to the table, adding an artistic touch and ensuring each pair is unique.

How does technology contribute to the manufacturing process at Arkget Shoes?

Technology plays a pivotal role at Arkget Shoes, from automated machinery enhancing efficiency to the implementation of 3D printing for innovative design aspects, ensuring a blend of tradition and modernity.

What is the global reach of Arkget Shoes, and where can customers purchase their products?

Arkget Shoes has a substantial global presence, reaching customers worldwide. The brand’s products are available through various channels, including online platforms, authorized retailers, and flagship stores and last but not the least their official website.


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